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Major update

25 Jul 2014, 10:38

Dear members,

Today we've released a major upgrade for Cold Team G3. This release precedes the 2nd anniversary of Cold Hacks which will be on 27th of July. Special bonus will be prepared for all of our VIP members and another bonus for those who buy/extend subscriptions on this special day. Celebrate this special event with us!

This release introduces a new revolutionary feature which has never been seen before - Kick Hack. Kick Hack allows you to kick arbitrarily chosen players from the game! Just select their names from new "Kick Hack" tab in our GUI and press the "Kick Player" button. Yes, it's now that's simple to get rid of annoying players! Kick Hack can also be configured to use one of two automatic modes:
- Anti-WLPX - kicks annoying WLPX hackers from the game
- Revenge Hack - kicks everybody that kills you

Another thing we added in this release is a bunch of new and cool Ex-items:
- Wolf Special Ability - it's now fully supported (we had partial support until now)
- No Suicidal Explosion
- Wolf Wall Dash GL
- Medical Kit
- Steam Pack
- Main Weapon Slots (for all weapon sets)


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