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Cold Team G6 Released

18 Apr 2019, 18:10

Dear members,

Cold Team G6 has been released! This is a major release introducing several new features:
  • Equip Hack - Inventory Hack has been extended with character equip such as Helmets, Masks, Googles, Elbow Protectors, Vests, Gloves, Knee Protectors and Boots - this means over 1100 new items at your disposal!
  • Advanced Remote Kill - one of our most powerful features has been completely reworked and extended. Now you get to control every aspect of killing players without even moving and you decide who kills who:
    • Killer can be set up as: Yourself (classic mode), Selected Player (select any player you want from the list), Suicide (everybody kills themselves), Random, Random Enemy, Random Teammate
    • Victim team: enemy team, your team, both teams (everyone)
  • Wall Shooting - shoot enemies through impenetrable walls
  • Safe Suicide - won't show any message when you die when killing yourself and will not count your death as well e.g. when dying by falling out of the map
  • Silent Kill - kill other players without any message and kill record
  • No Chat Limits - bypass anti-flood protection for both radio and text chat
  • Freeze Players - make everybody freeze in place, of course frozen players can still be killed ;)

Join us now! To celebrate this release we offer 20% discount on all subscription packages. This is a time limited offer available until 25th of April only, so don't wait and purchase your membership today!

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